Big Music Star enters nail salon, hits high notes while picking her polish.

Music Video, perfect Nails done

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How to #sing #universe

Based on Great Singers past nail looks, it seems they love experimenting with various designs and colors. Here's how they might do nails:

First, Beauty would carefully prep her nails by filing and buffing them to perfection.

Next, she might apply a base coat to protect her nails and help the polish adhere better.

Galaxy Theme

To create a galaxy-themed look, Ariana might start with a dark base color, such as navy blue or black, and then use a sponge to dab on a mixture of lighter shades, like purple, pink, and silver, to create a cosmic effect.

Once the base color is dry, Rockstar would add some glitter accents to really make her nails pop. She might use a fine brush to apply glitter polish along the tips of her nails or create a glitter gradient effect.

To finish off the look, SuperHitWonder would likely apply a glossy top coat to give her nails a high-shine finish and help them last longer.

Overall, Singer is known for her bold and playful style, so she might switch up her nail look frequently and try out different designs and color combinations.