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Nails. From simple polish to intricate designs, There's a style for everyone, Express yourself with every stroke, Let your creativity have its fun.

Our Values

Nail art, a way to stand out, A statement all your own, So paint your nails and let them shine, And never feel alone.

Art of CO2 savings

Green Product, Energy - Climate - Environment
The servers, the smartphones and the camera modules are all already available and do not require any additional resources. We save CO2 by avoiding unnecessary transport and travel distances. In addition, a majority of our servers and computers use "hydroelectric and wind energy". The possibility of an environmentally friendly home office is a matter of course for our employees. As viruses are around in the Environment, we are online only for no spread. As green product we not using any solvents or paint for creation of artwork. We use no toxic products only digital computer to generate our nailart artwork.

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From classic red to pastel pink, The choices are endless and bold, So go ahead and mix and match, And let your nails unfold.

Beauty of all gender

Social added  value
Fingernails play a very important role in protecting your fingers. They may even contain a reference to a disease that requires medical attention. Your fingernails are made of keratin. Keratin are laminated layers of proteins that can also be found in skin and hair. The different parts of a fingernail are: nail plate, nail folds, nail edge, cuticle and lunula. The nail plate is the hard part. Nail fold is the skin that surrounds each of the nail plates on 3 sides. A nail bed is the skin under the nail plate. At the base of your nail bed are cells that make up the nail plate.
The tissue that overlaps the nail plate at the base of the nail is called the cuticle. It is responsible for protecting the keratin cells that emerge from your nail bed. The lunula is a whitish crescent shape located at the base of your fingernail. As new cells grow, the older cells become compact and hard, which are then pushed toward the fingertips. Nails grow about 0.1 millimeters every day. With that in mind, it can take around 4-6 months for a fingernail to fully regenerate. Healthy nails are the same color and free from discoloration. They are usually smooth, with no grooves or ridges.
Artwork keeps the brain young and stimulates new experiences, new views and more care about nails and art. It is also a cool hobby for generating community and talk about things Artists sees in the Nail generating artwork for social talk, share and friends. 

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Nail art, oh how bright, A splash of color, a work of art, A canvas for your fingertips, A way to show your heart.

Love the World, Health awareness

Sustainable - Responsibility - Security
As with children, fingers shape the world. To a better planet where telemedicine, artificial intelligence and smartphones enable a better life with more joie de vivre. Together we start to improve the joy. Awareness for checking your fingers random upon e.g. nail cancer information videos nail art cause of our values support fight cancer and give health information for good,
Tips for your health is about fingernails and knowing how to read them. When you learn to read signs that might indicate a health problem, you're one step closer to getting far better health and preventing disease (cancer). Some nail conditions can be an indicator of disease. Green or yellow discoloration of the fingernails can be an indication of respiratory diseases such as chronic bronchitis or lymphedema. Beau's lines or indentations above the fingernails may appear, which could indicate an injury or a serious illness, such as a heart attack. And on the other hand, some nail conditions are not harmful. Vertical ridges and white lines or spots can be harmless.
Stains are usually the result of injury to the nail bed or plate. However, over time, these white spots will disappear for good. Regardless of whether you have an ongoing nail condition, you should see your doctor, especially if it is accompanied by other symptoms and signs. Hand hygiene is about healthy fingernails. No nail care product will give you healthy nails if you abuse them. To avoid damaging your fingernail, do not use it to pry, pick, or poke things. Don't bite your fingernails as this habit could damage your nail beds. Even a small cut along your nails can cause infection or paronychia. And since your nails grow slowly, Nails with injuries keep their mark for a few months. Use cotton-lined rubber gloves to protect your fingernails when using soap and water for long periods of time or when handling strong chemicals.

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Yes, "patron" can also mean a sponsor, typically of an artist, musician, or other creative person or endeavor. A patron may provide financial support or other resources to help the artist achieve their goals and create their work.


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Why we do ART:
Health (NailCancerAwareness, Paediatric nail cancer information, Nutrition, AntiAging) 10%,
Co2 Green Message 5%, Gender equal Rights reached 5%
Wellbeing and Mind, ideas, joy, Beauty 80%


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