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Thank you for showing interrest in our ART. ART Video NailArt as seen on our TikToks, Special Offer, DONATE for Art 

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Nail ART Artists inspiration. Artist Vision we generate for Joy, Love, Beauty, Health

We work, upload, post, pre production, human editing, tools and post the Artwork result to our NailArtLoverDotCom TikTok channel.

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NailArtLoverDOTcom Artist TikTok Pro Service

Hashtag for less than 30 Euro

Cost: 24,90 Euro (incl. 20%Tax €29,88,-) Refunded when Membership 400 days planned 
200+ Views guaranteed, could be 1500 Views or go viral CPT18 Euros/100.000 Views? probability? Art makes its own universe.
We collect 3-7 Hashtags via paypal order number and post them at once or split up. Very individual viral best match. When lucky customer you to be chosen and with only one Hashtags assigned to unique nailTok with same paypal to get accepted. Free Membership automatic ending after 30 days.

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one time single order €29,88 incl. TAX

Examples: #SandraNails #RosiQueen #LOL as many you can fit into max. 30 characters but only ONE Hashtag (First correct one) generated cause payment.

Hashtag Change afterwards are not possible. Post Twice or more often to add Hashtags. You buy  5 or more Hashtags you get nailTok with no other shared hashtags. You can not influence or change the Artwork or the following advert or the Related Videos or the #Hashtag when posted. TikTok rules.

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Artists post to TikTok fast including your Hashtags and Text with original Nail ART.

example Hashtags and Text TikTok Style:
#NailArt #NailTech #Tokio I have Birthday and now the Nails I love #SquareStreet12 #Acrylic #Competitionwinner This is awesome new stiletto extra long #nailart

TIP: copy Hashtag groups and add your Text afterwards, best use Editor, copy and paste, 140 characters possible in field. Check Text in Cart Check Out.

We are grateful for your donation and appreciate the opportunity to serve you.

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"Your happiness is our number one concern."

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Like what you have seen? Enable us a living? we need 7.500Euro pm. for 5 artists, tax to pay ... 
Donations make us pay our bills. We, the poor artists, rent is high, ...

Expectations from TikTok Posts

expect 1+ new client in next 24 hour (40%)
expect 2+ new client in next 72 hour (30%)
expect 3+ new client in next week (80/20)
expect 4+ new client 3 weeks (75%)
expect 5+ new client as long on TikTok  3Y (30%)
expect 6+ new revisiting customer out of all (10/90)
expect 7+ bonus get discovered viral?
expectations 10+ rate lifetime customer grow when more often placed by +25 up to viral 93% 
expect: could be none, could be one could be many many.