Artist in Black inspired Nail Art


In the land of glitter and glam, Where style is always in demand, There lived a queen so fierce and bold, Whose nail art was worth its weight in gold.

With her royal scepter in hand, She ruled over the fashion land, Her nails adorned with blackest hue, A superstar look, tried and true.

She donned her regal garments fine, And each day, a new design divine, Her nails were canvases of art, Reflecting her taste, unmatched in heart.

Her subjects marveled at her nails, The intricate details, like fairy tales, Each line and dot, a master stroke, A perfect blend of art and bespoke.

The queen's black nails were her signature, A statement of power, her own scripture, For in her kingdom of fashion and style, Her nails set trends, and made others beguile.

Thus, her nail art became her crown, A symbol of her reign, renowned, And the queen's black nails remained, A superstar look, forever ingrained.