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First time? Start with nail photo first ...

... click open Camera

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you can also use hands, nails, nail art and all pictures you already have to upload to creative artists

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after your first Nail ...

Nail Artist steps working for you ...

1 Office Organisation New Nail Art Action
2 Office Legal Terms and Conditions Transfer
3 Management Searches for Artist willing 
4 Artists get your nail from your Photos, might ask a few questions back
5 Artists inspects Picture or Videos, Links, Hashtags, Text Description
6 Deep Thinking, Meditation Briefing, Artwork might bother again with briefing questions
7 ART Break: Food, Eat, Drink, Love, Sleep
8 ART letting artists human brain do its artistic things
9 ART Production, paintings Homework, Sleep, Dream
10 ART Finale, Made about many sketches and starts to get the final.
11 ART choosing the best paintings, add title, text, postproduction, finishing
12 write and send with love
13 Management Inspection
14 Office Organisation and new pictures data added
15 Receive your first Nail ideas

Nail Art for first picture done

 ... get back when artwork is ready depends on our artists bookings time with pictures ideas designs. Extra options (bigger) to get in in less time (sprint) e.g. art collections, wall art and many more options contact us ... 


... appreciated via likes, shares, comments

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we make a Nail Art out of it

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we make a Nail Art out of it

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